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Tutor Connecticut is a team of educational specialists who are committed to helping children and adult learners understand subjects on a deeper level so that learning is an enjoyable experience, skills are taught then utilized to solve problems that relate in their real world, and this is how we help students succeed long-term.

What We Do

Math Tutoring

Basic Math Skills, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics

Basic 1, 2, 3´s to Advance Calculus, we have a tutor to match the mathematics needs of any student. We develop a clear process to develop a method that works best for them.

Humanities Tutoring

Reading, Writing, English Grammar, Philosophy, Psychology, History, Sociology

Any humanist will tell you, “CT Tutors has the best tutors” for history, literature, and the thinking classes. We help to expand the scope in which students view these subjects.

Science Tutoring

Chemistry Tutoring, Biology Tutoring, Anatomy Tutoring, Physics Tutoring, Anatomy Tutoring, Physiology Tutoring

While it may seem like rocket science right now, we break material into manageable pieces, often using relatable analogies, from the student's every day life.

Language Tutoring

Spanish Tutoring, French Tutoring, Latin Tutoring, Academic Language Tutoring

Whether you are struggling with pronunciation, conjugation, or comprehension, TutorCT can help. Our tutors are fluent in foreign language success!

Reading and Writing

Reading & Writing

Whether your student is learning ABC’s, developing a thesis paper or writing a dissertation, Tutor CT teaches to create a work of language art.

Disabilities Tutoring

ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, dyslexia, and more

Regardless of the challenge, our tutors work to help students identify strengths. We then develop individualized plans, which highlight those strengths to propel the quality of work to a new level.

Test Prep Tutoring

We help students prepare for tests such as the SAT, PSAT, ACT, GRE, PCAT, MCAT, and CLEP tests

Applying to a university, college or graduate school? We will get your ready for the important entrance exam, by sharping test taking skills, and helping recap knowledge gained over the past years of study.

Home Schooling

We also offer Online Tutoring and Home Schooling for at-home learners not enrolled in public or private school

When homeschooling children there are always unforeseeable problems that arise. We can help find a solution. We have primary and substitute instructors available, as well as, teachers for specific skills to match any families need.

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Parent in West Hartford, CT

I was looking for a tutor because both of my high school-age kids were struggling in Math. Megan was a Godsend. She was not only able to explain material very clearly, she did so in a way that did not make them feel stupid. She was able to look through their assignments to discern the kinds of mistakes thry had been making and which parts of the material they did not understand. With scheduling, she was very flexible and responsive. More generally, she is a wonderful human being who we all looked forward to seeing regularly. I am also certain that she could work very effectively with a large range of ages of students and academic subjects. I have already asked if she could continue working with my kids this year.

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